Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

More and more companies are looking at virtualizing desktops and applications. Virtual desktops help streamline desktop and application management and delivery, improve security and compliance, cut costs and support workplace mobility.  Accelera’s years of experience means we will ensure the perfect solution for your organization.

VDI not only makes it easier for your IT staff to provide desktop and application management, it also provides your employees with the ability to access their apps and data while they are out of the office. VDI Solutions can be implemented through the cloud, on-premise or a combination of the two, depending on what is best for your organization.

The main benefits of VDI include:

  • Deliver desktops and applications through a single platform
  • Support an adaptive user experience
  • Secure data and simplifies compliance
  • Simplify desktop and application management
  • Support BYOD, telework, and mobility initiatives
  • Cut IT Costs
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