Enterprise Mobility Management

Accelera’s mobility solutions deliver mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile content management (MCM), secure network gateways, and enterprise-grade mobile productivity apps in a single, comprehensive solution. Our mobility solutions enhance the user experience on BYOD or corporate devices, without compromising security.

Enable your IT organization to say “YES” to BYOD, and telework.  EMM solutions allow employees to use their own devices to access organizational applications and data, while never compromising the security of that data.  IT can feel comfortable that data is protected, and employees can feel free to use any mobile device to be productive.

Some benefits to EMM, MDM, and MAM include:

  • Securely deliver business apps to any device
  • Simplify workspace and application administration
  • Secure and manage Office 365 on mobile devices
  • Enable cloud-based EMM
  • Simplify access to enterprise apps, secure corporate data and enable mobile productivity
  • Manage all endpoints in a single solution
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