Accelera’s BYOD and Telework solutions enable your employees to have the freedom to work securely from anywhere in the world, on any device. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of core application and desktop virtualization technologies, cloud computing platforms, and security, Accelera has developed cost-effective and manageable mobility solutions that have transformed the way hundreds of organizations work.

Why Go Mobile with Accelera?

  • A mobile workforce is a more productive workforce
  • Improved management, compliance, and enterprise security
  • Greater productivity, scalability, and manageability

If you’ve experienced hits in productivity due to nat11ural disasters like flooding or snowstorms, traffic jams or road closures, public transportation outages, or any other number of things that can cause your teams difficulty in getting to work, a BYOD or telework solution is probably for you.  Our desktop and application virtualization solutions allow you to keep your workforce online when they can’t be on-site.

Other benefits include:

  • Windows desktop and application delivery to any device, PC, tablet, or smartphone, over the web at any time
  • Encrypted communication between mobile devices and IT infrastructure
  • Secure email, calendar, and file sharing
  • Rapid application delivery direct to users’ mobile devices
  • One interface and one logon for all users’ devices
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