Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Accelera offers backup, disaster recovery (DR), and full COOP solutions that provide access to applications and data in the event of unexpected system interruption, with minimal to no downtime.  Our team of architects and engineers can design and implement a highly available, fully redundant DR or COOP infrastructure to support your business operations, so that in the event of a system failure of any component, your organization continues to operate without a hit.

A Multitude of Solutions for a Multitude of Workloads

The Backup and DR solutions we’ve deployed for our customers range from simple data backup to local storage devices to data backup to cloud service providers, as well as full replication of business applications and services to a secondary datacenter or the cloud.  Active/Active, or Active/Passive, we’ve built COOP and DR solutions for a wide range of Federal, state and local, and commercial organizations.  Our solutions leverage industry leading hardware and software manufacturers as well as major cloud service providers.  Our partnerships with multiple manufacturers means that our customers have a range of options from both a cost and feature perspective when it comes to choosing the right Backup, DR, or COOP solution.


Interested in learning more about our Business Continuity and DR solutions.  Below is a past webinar of one of many services we offer for Business Continuity and DR.

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