Networking is Stuck in the Past

Break the Cycle of Repeated Security Breaches.  It’s time to Virtualize Networking.

In the last several years, the number of high-profile data breaches compromising sensitive information has continued to increase. Although breaches were achieved in different ways, the majority exposed the fundamental weakness of the perimeter-centric network security model: Once the perimeter is breached, it is difficult to stop threats from moving laterally (east-west) throughout the data center. These attacks have proven that investing in perimeter firewalls is insufficient and that more investment is needed to secure east-west (server-to-server) traffic.

The solution is virtualization. Virtualization abstracts the underlying infrastructure from the applications running on top of it, giving IT organizations full visibility into the data path. Abstracting applications from the infrastructure provides the ideal enforcement point to compartmentalize applications through micro-segmentation of the network. This allows simplified security-policy creation and management. It also helps reduce the overall application infrastructure attack surface and provides the ability to effectively prevent threats from breaching the data center. Abstracting the data center also protects the infrastructure itself from any compromise.

Accelera’s Network Virtualization solutions enable organizations to divide the data center into distinct security segments logically, down to the level of the individual workload—irrespective of the workload’s network subnet or VLAN. IT teams can then define security policies and controls for each workload based on dynamic security groups, which ensures immediate responses to threats inside the data center and enforcement down to the individual virtual machine. Unlike in traditional networks, if an attacker gets through data center perimeter defenses, threats can’t move laterally within the data center.

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