Next Generation Firewall

Cloud locations and remote users in your organization (often using personal devices) have most certainly “distributed” the surface you need to protect. At the same time, the motivations of attackers and their sophistication have continued to evolve. Managing to acceptable levels of risk, while enabling new styles of IT (e.g., SaaS, hybrid cloud, mobile users), is the goal.

Our next-generation firewall is the cornerstone of our security solution, providing the visibility and enforcement needed to safely enable applications and prevent threats across your organization.  Our network security management solutions enable you to manage your distributed network of next-generation firewalls from one central platform.

Security ultimately needs to enable your organization’s business or mission. Start with an assessment of your cybersecurity posture, including: application use, URL traffic, content types, and both known and unknown threats. Then, ask about an evaluation to see how our next-generation firewalls can help you enable applications and manage risk. We even have tools to help you migrate from traditional firewalls to our next-generation firewalls.

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