Advanced Networking

Secure and Optimized Application Delivery

From cloud computing, to 24×7 availability, to increasing security threats, organizations face more challenges today than ever before.  Accelera’s years of experience delivering applications and services with the highest levels of availability and security positions us to help your organization as well.  We are experts in leveraging the Citrix NetScaler, the industry leading Application Delivery Controller (ADC), to ensure applications and service are delivered flawlessly to your organization.

NetScaler is the industry’s leading web and application delivery controller that maximizes the performance and availability of all applications and data, and also provide secure remote access to any application from any device type.  We’ve leveraged NetScaler to provide optimized access to virtual desktop and application services, internet and intranet sites, web applications, and as an authentication device to enable multi-factor authentication to legacy applications.

Citrix NetScaler provides outstanding delivery of business applications—to any device and any location—with unmatched security, superior L4-7 load balancing, reliable GSLB, and 100 percent uptime.  Learn more about how Citrix NetScaler can help your organization deliver.

WAN Optimization & Virtualization

Many organizations rely on branch offices or remote employees to serve customers, to be near partners and suppliers, or to expand into new markets. If your organization needs to increase WAN throughput and reliability while improving application experience, Accelera can help.

As part of the Citrix Networking ecosystem, NetScaler SD-WAN can help you effectively and economically increase WAN throughput while accelerating enterprise applications and ensuring the performance and availability of mission critical applications.

NetScaler SD-WAN logically binds multiple MPLS, broadband and wireless network links into a single virtual WAN and then continuously measures and monitors each link for loss, latency, jitter and congestion. Mission critical applications can always be routed across the links with the fastest transit time. Traffic from high bandwidth applications can be balanced across multiple links to provide the highest performance and an optimal user experience. And real-time application traffic can be duplicated to guarantee no loss and the lowest latency.

When network problems occur, NetScaler SD-WAN detects a link outage or performance degradation after just two or three packets, seamlessly moving application traffic to an alternate link. In most cases outages are mitigated without users noticing, even with virtual desktops and latency- sensitive applications like VOIP.

If you think your WAN could perform better, contact us today.

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