Connected Workspace Government

What is Connected Workspace Government?

Connected Workspace Government is a virtual desktop and application solution provided as a service from the cloud, operated and managed by Accelera. This offering is generically referred to as a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering. Customers sign up based on a number of users and are given access to that number of virtual desktops, hosted in the cloud and accessible from the public internet. The platform leverages Citrix XenDesktop for virtual desktop delivery and Microsoft Azure Government for cloud infrastructure.

Connected Workspace Government allows customers to accelerate VDI adoption by reducing the level of effort required to implement a VDI solution. It eliminates much of the operational overhead and complexity of managing this type of solution, so they focus on organizational outcomes instead of focusing on the speeds and feeds of a VDI solution.

Our solution is not just a vanilla VDI solution. We have purpose-built the solution to help our government customers protect against security threats and meet compliance needs. With Connected Workspace Government you can:

  • Keep data secure – The policy-based engine of our solution prevents exfiltration of data and sensitive information, including PII data.
  • Use multi-factor authentication – Our solution is versatile, allowing customers to integrate with PIV/CAC, and many other multifactor authentication solutions.
  • Provide Protected Internet access – You get a full security stack with all the in-depth protection you’ll ever need, including IPS and firewall.
  • Use FIPS 140-2 Complaint Encryption in transit – We utilize FIPS 140-2 compliance-cyphers that meet the most stringent compliance requirements.
  • Provide malware protection – Our security stack includes protection from the latest viruses and other malware reducing the risk of disruption from malware attacks.
  • Perform SSL Inspection – We provide full in-line inspection and protection of sensitive data by leveraging SSL inspection ensuring that every byte of data is inspected.
  • Provide easy to use access – Our solution is intuitive, easy to use, and capable of being accessed through any device.


Connected Workspace Government is available in the following editions:

Edition Description Best for
Remote Apps An application that is virtualized and delivered through Citrix’s HDX remoting protocol. All users who only need to access an application but may not need access to a full desktop experience.
Standard Standard Windows Virtual Desktop; Hosted Shared Desktop model for Task Workers. Task Workers using MS Office Suite & web browsing with 2-3 simultaneous open applications.
Enterprise Higher Performance Windows Virtual Desktops built for Knowledge Workers. Knowledge Workers using complex applications, financial apps, desktop publishing software, with 5-8 open applications at once.
High Performance High Performance, dedicated Windows OS, CPU, and Memory for Power Users. Power Users using applications with high CPU/RAM requirements, graphic design applications, using many simultaneous applications.


What do you get with our service?

Proactive and Automated Monitoring

All solution components are configured with an automated, proactive monitoring solution that the environment. Should an environment component or service fail, an automated alert is sent to the Accelera 24/7/365 Cloud Operations team who will investigate the source of the alarm and take necessary remediation actions.  Proactive monitoring includes:

Escalation Support

Escalation Support is provided as unlimited, telephone only support for our customer’s IT department during basic coverage hours of 7:00am – 7:00pm ET, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays, and extended support for critical incidents as defined in the SLAs described in this document, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Optimization Services

  • Quarterly patch management (hotfixes, patches, minor version updates)
  • Monthly Windows image and application updates (as requested by the Customer)
  • Monthly maintenance windows for additional optimization as needed
  • Routine health check, best practice, and performance assessments

Why Accelera Solutions?

Why would an organization choose Accelera for DaaS as opposed to the competition? In short: “We know Cloud, we know Desktops, and we know your Business.”

  • We’ve been delivering virtual desktop and application solutions since we were founded in 2003. We have demonstrated our expertise in the delivery of virtual applications and virtual desktops, having been recognized by Citrix as a four-time Citrix Federal Partner of the Year, and a Citrix North American Partner of the Year.
  • We were pioneers in the cloud and have more experience than most organizations, and have been awarded Microsoft’s Federal Cloud Partner of the Year two years in a row, in 2015 and 2016.
  • For Federal Agencies: We’ve been working with the Federal Government since our founding in 2003 and have extensive experience with government security mandates.
  • For Systems Integrators: Integrators that handle DoD must comply with DFARS. Connected Workspace is a great solution for SI’s that are trying to comply with this mandate.
  • For Healthcare Organizations: We are experts at making our solutions clinician friendly, from fast-user switching, to instant-logon, to solving printing challenges, while doing it all on HIPAA compliant platforms. Our largest customer is DHA and we support an environment for over 50,000 users globally!
  • Flexibility: We allow our customers access to their image and management consoles, to be able to drive their own policies, manage their own desktop images, make updates and changes. Our solution works even if a customer doesn’t want to bring everything to the cloud so on-premises data and applications can talk directly to Connected Workspace.

Contact us today!

At Accelera, we have experience in meeting complex customer requirements at an enterprise scale. We’ve been working with the federal government since our founding and have extensive experience with government security mandates. We’ve developed expertise around the core technologies that make up a VDI solution and would love to help you move your desktops to the cloud. For more information, reach out to us via