Next Generation, Secure Email

Cloud hosted email solutions like Office 365 are gaining popularity quickly, and for good reason. Accelera can provide your organization with the technology to ensure that your O365 deployment is secure, compliant, organized, archived, and searchable.  From Government to commercial organizations, our solutions protect your organization’s critical data and save costs by being able to rapidly respond to regulatory compliance and legal discovery requests, leverage unstructured and untagged “dark” data for better-informed business decisions, and enable the organization to be more productive with end user self-service access to files and documents. We can help reduce your storage requirements, improve application performance and give users simple, self-serve access to stored email to help them meet their business and compliance needs.

By making it faster and easier to search, select and retrieve information from your virtual repository, end-users and legal/compliance officers can instantly and intuitively find what they need, when they need it.

User-defined retention policies let you automatically organize, classify and store only the information that truly matters to your business — based on relevant and usable criteria, such as file name, type, content, tags and keywords — reducing the cost, complexity and risk of storing massive volumes of data.

Our next-generation email security platform gives you a unique architectural advantage. You get clear visibility into all email communications for a far-reaching view of the threat landscape. See everything from banking trojans and ransomware to attacks targeted at your organization. Deep, message-level context makes it especially effective at identifying hard-to-catch threats that other solutions miss.

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