Cloud Migration

Accelera has helped many customers find their path to the cloud.  Most organizations are moving to the cloud slowly, looking at one workload or application at a time to migrate.  Accelera helps our customers assess which workloads are cloud-ready, and which may require re-development, re-design, or should even stay on premise.  We have also helped design and architect cloud infrastructure to support new or existing applications.  Our engineers know assessment, design, architecture, implementation, and ongoing management and support across multiple cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Softlayer.

Many organizations choose email as one of the first workloads to migrate to the cloud.  With Microsoft’s Office 365 service, moving from an on-premise Exchange email service to one in the cloud is becoming commonplace.  Accelera can guide you through the migration process – from email account migration, to authentication in Azure, ensuring a smooth cutover, to ensuring that your IT staff has the knowledge to administer the solution, Accelera has facilitated numerous Office 365 migrations for our customer.  We have experience across all types of organizations, both Federal and commercial, and understand the compliance requirements that many federal agencies and commercial organizations face.  We can make your path to the cloud a smooth one.

With Accelera, you can get up and running in the cloud within a matter of minutes, not weeks or months. We leverage cutting edge technology to decouple VMs from their storage, giving you complete control to move workloads to and from the cloud as desired, with no changes to applications, images, or storage.

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