Cloud Management and Automation

Accelera’s Cloud Management and Automation solutions make the cloud accessible to any organization, regardless of staffing level or cloud experience. We’ve made complex cloud solutions easy to operate through a “single pane of glass” style interface with simplified management, monitoring, and automation tools.

Our Cloud Automation solutions include:

  • Self-Provisioning: Providing self-service and department specific provisioning, to enable everyone in the organization to benefit from the cloud, not just the experts. With chargeback capabilities, departments can easily track cloud costs.
  • Self-Healing: The ability to identify non-compliant resources, quarantine and heal them back into compliance instantly.
  • Automated Cost Reduction: We can identify and automatically resize, stop, or terminate underutilized resources.

Our Cloud Management solutions include:

  • Security Assurance: Easily track and manage firewall rules, users, packages, keys and other key aspects of infrastructure security.
  • Simplified Cloud Management: Single, in-depth pane of glass into resources across clouds and cloud accounts with standardized life cycle controls.
  • Unified Cost Tracking: Providing insight into the cost of your cloud resources.

Some organizations are concerned with cloud “lock-in”, or the challenges that occur when trying to move from one cloud provider to another. Our solutions avoid cloud lock-in regardless of which public or private clouds you use today, or may use years down the road.


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