Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

COOP strategies like backup and Disaster Recovery are use cases for which many organizations are using the cloud.  A COOP strategy leveraging cloud can be exponentially less expensive when compared to a dedicated brick and mortar DR site.  Datacenter space is expensive, and so are the servers, network, and storage that most organizations need to create a full, production ready-DR site.

Disasters don’t happen often, so why pay for the datacenter space and equipment for such a rare occurrence?  COOP solutions in the cloud can leverage “on-demand” compute, network, and storage, spinning up resources only when necessary, at the time of a disaster.  Accelera’s COOP and DR solutions in the cloud encourage you to pay for a disaster only when you need to, not all year-round.

Accelera’s Business Continuity solutions protect your mission-critical applications, from SAP to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Built-in application aware snapshot support and software deduplication keep your applications available and your users happy, while dramatically reducing recovery times.  And we don’t stop there. Our solutions also enable the data created and stored on laptops, desktops and more to be accessible anytime, anywhere — with a self-service recovery portal accessible from any web browser or mobile device.


Interested in learning more about our Business Continuity and DR solutions.  Below is a past webinar of one of many services we offer for Business Continuity and DR.

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