From the very beginning, Accelera Solutions has been providing professional consulting services to our customers to design, implement, and support some of the most innovative, valuable, and efficient IT solutions available.  Our experienced consultants are central to our business; our years of consulting experience in Cloud, Mobility, and Virtualization, our certifications, and our accolades are why so many of our customers choose Accelera’s consulting team over the competition.

We know that you depend on technology to help your organization operate and grow your business. Together, with our technology partners, we turn IT possibilities into business value for you and your employees.  We will consistently deliver business and technology solutions on time, on budget and with outstanding results.  To ensure our solutions continue to provide value from day one, we offer flexible maintenance and support plans that ensure continued success.

From Analysis and Design, where we work to create detailed plans to ensure business and system requirements are defined and met, to Build and Test, where we build a functioning pre-production POC or pilot environment to help validate our technology decisions, our consultants have years of experience mapping the right technology to unique business needs.  From Implementation services, where we execute on proven methodologies for putting cutting-edge technology into service in your production environments, to Production Rollout, where we augment your IT teams with our specialists during the hectic rollout portion of a project.  Finally, to ensure our solutions continue to operate with the highest levels of availability and performance, we continue to support our customers through proactive and reactive support available in a variety of packages.

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