From short-term consulting engagements to staff augmentation and O&M services, the talent of our engineering staff has always set us apart from our competition.  Started in 2003 as a small technology consulting firm, Accelera has grown to provide a myriad of different technologies and services, but always with our people at the core of our offerings.

In 2003, Accelera began with 4 employees, focusing on consulting services for the Citrix suite of application virtualization and delivery products.  As virtualization became more mainstream, Accelera was a driving force and pioneer in providing consulting services for server and datacenter virtualization, adding VMware and Microsoft to our list of core solution partners.  Over the years, Accelera has continued to specialize in virtualization technology, adding management and automation expertise, security and compliance, and a host of other services.  Today, consulting services are still at the core of our offerings as we move into a cloud-first era.  At the heart of our business are talented engineers, passionate about technology, and passionate about solving business problems.  Technology continues to change, we now embrace a cloud-first world, and Accelera services are here to help.

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