Key Contact

For additional information on SHVDA and how to utilize the contract, contact:

Michele Ellis
EPA Account Executive

Executive Summary

The EPA envisions an agency wide shift to server hosted virtual computing environment with application and desktop deployment to approximately 19,000 users. To support the EPA’s agency-wide vision of desktop and application virtualization a five-year, IDIQ contract was awarded to Accelera Solutions, Inc. for the purchase, delivery and support of a virtual desktop and application infrastructure. The EPA selected a virtual desktop and application delivery solution based on how the solution mapped to the EPA’s Green IT Initiative in addition to supporting other agency and government initiatives including Telework and Mobile Computing, Continuity of Operations / Disaster Recovery as well as the OMB’s Datacenter Consolidation, and Cloud First Initiatives.

Benefits of Server Hosted Virtual Desktops and Applications

Remote access with virtual desktop and application delivery is the most cost efficient and proven alternative to a costly, conventional distribution of applications and information. Accelera’s virtualization solutions and services focus on providing agencies with lower cost computing and improved data security resulting in environmentally friendly solutions.

THE EPA will realize additional benefits with:

  • Improved End User Experience
  • Standard IT Infrastructure
  • Increased Data Security
  • More Scalable and Flexible Environment
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
  • Decreased environmental footprint

Contract Overview

The IDIQ has a term of 5 years with a $25MM ceiling. EPA offices and regions are able to purchase software and hardware in addition to, design, implementation, training, and support services directly from Accelera Solutions up to a maximum of $5M per year. Products and services from the contract may be eligible for Working Capital Funds (WCF) at the discretion of the EPA appointed Contracting Officer.

The products and services available thru the contract include:

  • Accelera Solutions – Design, Implementation, Support and Training Services including Project Manager, Architect, and Engineer
  • Citrix XenDesktop Platinum – application and desktop delivery platform
  • Citrix NetScaler 9700 – SSL VPN tool that provides application acceleration and load balancing
  • Citrix Branch Repeater 8820 – WAN acceleration
  • Microsoft RDS and VDA licenses – virtual application and desktop licensing
  • AppSense Management Suite – user profile management and security suite
  • WYSE Zenith and R10L – thin client devices

EPA SHVDA Webinar Series

Each month the SHVDA team produces a topical webinar on the components, services, and solutions related to the EPA SHVDA contract.

To view the calendar of events and archived webcasts, click here.