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Lessons from the Field: NetScaler EPA and VPN Client Management

When working with customers on upgrading NetScaler firmware one of the upgrade tasks that comes up and is often overlooked is the EPA and NetScaler Gateway plug-in updates that are shipped with each firmware version. There are a few caveats to these deployments and documentation around NetScaler client management is really delivered in piecemeal within

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Lessons from the Field: NetScaler MPX and SDX Conversion

Lessons from the Field: NetScaler MPX to SDX Conversion I was recently working with a customer on a NetScaler SDX deployment to replace their existing MPX appliances.  Once piece that was in scope of this project was that the configuration be migrated from their existing production MPX’s to a VPX hosted on the new SDX

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Storefront 3.5 Released!

Citrix has now released the latest version of Storefront and it looks like they really stepped up their game with this iteration.  Many of the customizations that were previously done using the web.config file for each store is now part of the GUI along with a new PowerShell SDK for administration.  Here are some of

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