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Supporting End of Life Citrix Products

I had a customer meeting last week with someone who has existing Citrix products that have reached their end of life (EOL). That got me thinking about other customers that I have run across who are having a similar challenge. I have found that there are several reasons for customers to run EOL products, such as: the

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Citrix Demo Derby Results

We are proud to announce the video we submitted for the Citrix Demo Derby has won first place in all of North America! Thank you to Chris Eastman, Jose Arvelo and Mackenzie Graham on working so hard to make this happen.  As well as BIG thank you to everyone that voted for our video in

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Citrix Workspace Suite Demo

Chris Eastman and Jose Arvelo give a great presentation on Citrix Workspace Suite and how helpful it can be on a day-to-day basis in business. Please contact if you would like more information upgrading or purchasing this set of products.

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